Holy Holy – single, 1971.

Holy Holy, the never re-released single from 1971, is both a little naive and light, after its near menacing bass-led intro, while quite transcendental in its chorus build up, and held ‘just let me beeeeeeeeee’ singing by Bowie.

It’s dominated by Herbie Flowers’ bass, and is unlike anything else in the Bowie catalogue (except for the 1972 remake, if you must be pedantic). It is another minor masterpiece from Bowie’s early, pre-breakthrough years.

It evokes kaftans, beads, and hippiedom in a sweet early 70s way, and like a lot of Bowie’s pre Ziggy breakthrough gems, it deserves a whole lot more than the oblivion being a bootleg only cast off, or paid for through the nose if you wish to get a rare official release of it (i.e. the original single, or the one release since on a box set).

A *lot* of Bowie singles have emerged in recent years, albeit as picture discs. Not all of us want a Bowie record as a mobile, or to pin it on the wall.

How about a picture sleeve re-release of early, ‘lost’ singles like this?


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